Brian St.Louis QC

1994 (Middle Temple) 2017 QC

 “A genuine star” – Legal 500 2019


Exclusively criminal defence – Brian specialises in murder,  fraud and sex offences.

Notable Cases



Brian has defended in excess of 40 murder trials, including allegations of international contract killings, rival gang murders, transferred malice and murder within the home.

Advised and retained to represent a person being extradited to England to face a murder allegation.

Advised and retained to represent a person being extradited to England to face a manslaughter allegation.

Summary of former cases:

R v P – Central Criminal Court, rival gang. Multiple stabbing of victim.

R v P – Central Criminal Court, a drug dealer in his home accused of murdering a person seeking to rob him of his drugs stash.

R v I – Central Criminal Court, torture and revenge gangland killing.

U v R – Court of Appeal, murder of a child.

R v Y – Central Criminal Court, gangland killing.

R v B – Central Criminal Court, honey-trap murder, organised from a prison cell.

R v M and Others – International contract killing between Colombia, Spain and the United Kingdom. Stated to be the biggest disclosure exercise ever undertaken by the Metropolitan Police. A ‘Super Grass’ case.

G v R – Successfully resisting a double jeopardy application before the Court of Appeal to retry a Defendant acquitted of murder based upon Super Grass evidence.

R v J and Others – Represented a defendant accused of killing an elderly woman with her two step-grandchildren.

R v D – St. Albans Crown Court: Represented a Defendant charged with murder who had been subject to a campaign of harassment on the basis of a false accusation of being a paedophile.

R v C – Southwark Crown Court: Defendant charged with murder of his friend accidentally stabbed during the course of a fight outside a nightclub.

R v W (2004) EWCA Crim. 2770 – Guideline case on murder tariffs.


Attempted Murder

Numerous cases including:

R v M 2017 – Bristol Crown Court, Defendant accused of attempting to murder a drug dealer in the course of a robbery.

R v A 2016 – Kingston Crown Court, Defendant accused of attempting to kill the complainant with an axe.

R v O 2016 – Central Criminal Court, Defendant accused of attempting to kill a rival gang member.

R v A-M 2014 – Harrow Crown Court, Defendant accused of attacking a rival gang member in an off-licence with a knife whilst members of the public were present.

R v T Snaresbrook Crown Court, Defendant accused of shooting the complainant 7 times at point blank range.

Represented a Defendant accused of a frenzied knife attack resulting in 17 stab wounds.


Grievous Bodily Harm With Intent

Brian has represented numerous people charged with GBH, including London riots 2012 cases, organised fights between rival gangs in parks and open-air spaces, knife attacks, gangland torture – (placing a hot iron to the chest and cigarette burning to the skin) and defended a man accused of biting both of his wife’s eyelids off.



Instructed in a wide variety of high value frauds (multi million pounds).

Particular experience in Very High Cost Cases.

Extensive experience of all types of VAT and Benefit frauds.

Recent cases include:

R v P 2017 – Central Criminal Court, multi-million pounds bank fraud.

R v A 2015 – Birmingham Crown Court, represented the organiser of a large-scale sham marriage operation.

R v M 2014 – Birmingham Crown Court, a multi-million pound VAT fraud.

R v K 2014 – Leicester Crown Court, £4 million mortgage fraud.

R v B 2014 – Canterbury Crown Court, large scale document fraud which facilitated the fraudulent entry of 110 persons into the UK.

R v H 2013 – Southwark Crown Court, a £28 million VAT fraud.

R v K 2012Harrow Crown Court, Local Authority fraud committed by a senior manager.

Historic cases have included:

£1million fraud from a national supermarket chain in which a transvestite manager embezzled the money to fund his proposed sex change and his alleged prostitute mistress.

Carousel frauds, involving monies in excess of £10 million.

R v P Leicester Crown Court, £5 million MTIC fraud.


Firearms Offences

Recent cases include:

R v F 2016 – Snaresbrook Crown Court, Defendant charged with discharging a live firearm with intent to endanger life outside a nightclub.

R v G 2013 – Harrow Crown Court, Defendant responsible for shooting of a rival gang member.

R v P 2013 – Woolwich Crown Court, armed robbery.

R v N 2012 – Inner London Crown Court, armed robbery.

Other cases include:

  • Armed robberies of: turf accountants, racetrack premises, post-offices and off-licences.
  • International conspiracy to supply firearms.
  • Carjacking with a firearm
  • Possession with intent to endanger life (Defendant found in possession of 16 firearms).
  • Possession of firearms.


Rape and other Serious Sexual Offences

  • Serial rape.
  • Multiple rapes of child victims.
  • Sexual activity with a child.
  • Particular experience of rape allegations within ethnic communities.

Recent cases include:

R v C 2017 – Woolwich Crown Court, multiple historic rape and sexual assaults upon nieces within the home.

R v I 2016 – Maidstone Crown Court, Defendant accused of multiple rapes upon his step-daughter.

R v J 2015 – Croydon Crown Court, Defendant accused of punching and beating his ex-partner to force her to have sexual intercourse with him.

R v P 2014 ­ – Reading Crown Court, Defendant accused of rape within a long-term sexual relationship.

R v M 2013 – Central Criminal Court, Defendant accused of drugging and raping two different victims. In addition, opposing a bad character application to adduce his previous acquittal in respect of a third complainant raped in similar circumstances.

R v P 2012 – Snaresbrook Crown Court, multiple rapes of a 5 years old female.

R v I 2012 – Woolwich Crown Court, vaginal and oral rape of a stranger contacted via the internet.

R v P 2012 – Inner London Crown Court, gang rape of a minor.

R v Y 2011 – Aylesbury Crown Court, historic multiple rape and sexual activity with step daughters from the ages of 8 to 16 years.

R v A 2011 – Blackfriars Crown Court. Forced marriage of a 14 years old girl. Multiple rapes within marriage (including allegations of the digital removal of stitches, prior to vaginal rape, post birth).

Other cases:

A man accused of indecently assaulting prostitutes and then subjecting them to violent attacks over a 5 year period.

Multiple rapes of a minor.


Sports-related cases

Brian has specialised in recent years in all aspects of football-related crime. He has experience in handling footballers facing criminal allegations and is sensitive to ways in which suggested criminal activity has an impact upon a club and/or players’ agents, who have direct responsibility for the conduct of their players and/or clients. Brian is often instructed to advise pre-charge in an attempt to prevent criminal proceedings being instituted.

Recent cases include:

R v D – Representing the brother of a professional footballer accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

R v GG and others – Represented Mr G, a professional footballer, who was charged with murder.

R v JC – Represented Mr C, who was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, inflicted following allegations made against his brother.


Drug Offences

Instructed in a wide number of cases involving conspiracies to supply both class A and B drugs.

Recent cases include:

  • Conspiracy to import class ‘A’ drugs into the UK (2017)
  • Importation of in excess of £3 million of cocaine across multiple countries hidden in golf bags (2016).
  • Conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin as a franchise in Gloucester (2016).
  • International conspiracy to supply drugs covering 3 continents.
  • £4.5 million importation of class A and B drugs.
  • Accusing police of ‘fitting up’ a defendant accused of possession of class ‘A’ drugs with intent to supply.
  • Undercover police operations to break up drugs rings.


Actions against the Police

Summary of cases includes:

  • Malicious prosecution for arson against minor whom the police knew did not commit the offence.
  • A woman’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by police officers attending her home to arrest her son.
  • A man attacked and bitten by a police dog, causing multiple injuries.
  • False arrest triggering the early onset of schizophrenia in a 16 years old youth.


Current Cases (include)

R v B – Teeside Crown Court – Super Grass case.

R v P – Central Criminal Court – Murder.

R v E – Central Criminal Court – Murder.

R v S – Southwark Crown Court – Multi million pound bank fraud.


Liverpool Polytechnic LLB (Hons.)

King’s College London, Master of European Laws (LLM)

Middle Temple Benefactor’s Scholar

Middle Temple Major Entrance Exhibition Award

Direct Access qualified

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association

South-Eastern Circuit

Bar European Group

Central Criminal Court Bar Mess


Associated Work

Lead Facilitator for the training of the Bar in the questioning of vulnerable witnesses (2016 to date)

Member of the Bar Mentoring Committee (2016 to date)

Middle Temple moot Judge (2010 to date)

Member of the Bar General Management Committee (2007-2012)

Vice Chair of the Bar Public Affairs Committee (2007-2009)

Chair of the Bar Conference (2005)

Former member of the Bar Pupillage Committee

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Forthcoming Cases

R v M – Bristol Crown Court – attempted murder

R v H – Central Criminal Court – multi-million pound bank fraud

R v C – Woolwich Crown Court – multiple child rape within the home

R v B – Canterbury Crown Court – conspiracy to import cocaine