Clodaghmuire Callinan

Year of call: 2007

Clodaghmuire is predominantly a criminal defence advocate but is also instructed in immigration, extradition and prison law cases. In crime, she is regularly instructed in cases with a public law element and has considerable experience of criminal judicial reviews.

She has a broad experience of proceedings in the Magistrates’, Youth and Crown Courts and has been instructed as defence counsel in cases involving drugs, firearms, fraud and sexual offences, including allegations of downloading indecent images of children.

She has also been instructed in a number of warrants for further detention involving alleged terrorism, murder and drugs offences.

Notable Cases

R (on the application of L) – JR of a decision to prosecute when the defendant had been sectioned at a police station following a breakdown which resulted in the commission of an ABH against his mother. He was subsequently discharged to her care and, following her refusal to write a formal statement, she had been summoned to be deposed at committal. Agreed by consent to discontinue the case.

R v B – Youth accused of perverting the course of justice in that she made a false allegation of rape which resulted in the complainant spending 7 months on remand. The Crown ultimately offered no evidence.

R v H – Fraud to the value of £150,000 from the UK Border Agency and the Masonic Lodge. Sentenced to 18 months custody.

R v W and others – Multi-handed firearms conspiracy/manufacturing. W pleaded to simple possession on the basis of a low IQ, which hindered his ability to form the intent to endanger life.


LLB Law & Politics (Buckingham)
LLM (Trinity College Dublin)

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
Lawyers for Liberty

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Other Cases of Interest

R v J – Teacher accused of downloading indecent images of children. The Crown refused to allow the defence to have a copy of the material as they claimed they would be committing a criminal offence, despite a number of orders by the Court following skeleton arguments. Put on notice that would JR the decision. Ultimately, the Crown offered no evidence.
Isleworth Crown Court, 2009

R (on the application of M) – JR of a decision to administer a conditional caution where the client was sectioned at the police station. Agreed by consent to quash the caution.

R (on the application of S) – JR of a decision to caution for a theft offence. Agreed by consent to quash the caution

R (on the application of O) – JR of a decision to deem a defendant to be 14, based soley on physical appearance. Permission granted; unfortunately client absconded when released on bail

Pro Bono Interests

• 2 days living on the street as a homeless person for Muslim Youth. Net, raising awareness through an educational DVD of what life is really like on the streets, targeting the increasing number of young

• Muslims who run away from home.

• Skydive for the charity Community Links.

• Volunteer at Bow County Court Advice Service – representing clients at possession/warrant hearings.

• Disability Living Allowance cases for Community Links.

• Immigration case for a client of Body & Soul, who support children who are HIV positive.

•Training to box for a charitable boxing match for YourStory/Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club.