Fer Chinner

Year of call: 1998

Fer’s work as a led junior has included cases of: murder; fraud; sexual violence and public order. As a junior alone she has conducted a wide range of cases including organised crime, serious sexual offences, drug trafficking and firearms. She has particular experience in offences of serious violence (including sexual violence) committed in a domestic setting and has been trained in the handling of vulnerable witnesses.


Fer is associated with the following areas of expertise: Crime, Serious Violence and Sexual Offences. She has extensive appellate experience in the Court of Appeal, experience of copyright and trademark law and she has appeared in the Coroners Court in cases of unlawful killings.

Fer completed the Middle Temple ‘Training the Trainers’ advocacy course in 2001 and has been an in-house advocacy trainer, training pupils for the past 10 years. She is appointed to the CPS Panel of Advocates at grade 3, and is a CPS specialist rape prosecutor.


BA (Hons.) English and Philosophy
Diploma in Law (1997)

Notable Cases

Reported cases

R v M [2011] ALL ER(D) 121 (Feb), Court of Appeal
S.18 OAP Act – child witness, multiple hearsay and identification. Leading case on the admissibility of multiple hearsay in identification cases. An unprovoked attack with an iron bar on a young boy, on Hallowe’en night, fracturing his skull. Fer represented the Crown. The conviction was upheld on the basis that the sources of the multiple hearsay were properly elicited and examined during the trial process.

R v P [2011]
Sentencing Act 2000, s.116 – defendant committing offence whilst released on licence – sentencing principles.

R v C [2005] All ER (D) 111 (Jun)
Successful appeal of a 6 year prison sentence for armed robbery.

R v V [2005] 1 Cr.App.R.(S.)43; [2004] EWCA Crim 1485
Case on deterrent sentencing in cases of criminal damage.

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit

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General crime

R v K – Undercover sting operation led by the News of the World to expose corrupt solicitors supplying false passports to suspect Islamic extremists. Convictions secured on all counts despite the court refusing to allow the witnesses anonymity.

R v C – Fer successfully defended a man charged with causing death by careless driving in this highly emotive case. A young woman, employed by Chelsea FC, was crushed to death under the wheels of a lorry on Fulham High Street as she cycled into work. The case turned on complex and technical expert evidence.

R v P & Others – Sole counsel prosecuting a gang of Romanian nationals using stolen credit card details to defraud hotels across the country. Case involving multiple false identities.

R v A – Organised crime, conspiracy to defraud. Prosecuting a car-ringing case involving high-value vehicles being stolen to order, given new identities and shipped out of the United Kingdom to Pakistan.

R v S & Others – Defending in a trial involving the Tamil community in a nationwide credit card cloning case. The conspiracy involved petrol stations across the United Kingdom with the obtained money being sent back to Sri Lanka to fund terrorist activities.

R v S & Others – Defending in a violent disorder where the issue was participation. Defendant acquitted at half time by direction of the judge after successful legal submissions.

R v P – Prosecuting a man on multiple counts of robbery committed in different counties, involving different police forces. The defendant robbed brothels after his particular sexual demands were refused. He was identified by his very specific foot fetish. The case involved similar fact evidence and legal issues of self-incrimination arose from those running the brothels giving evidence.


Serious Violence

R v G & Others – Defending in a Triad murder involving 25 non-English speaking defendants. Acceptable plea to violent disorder secured on the day of trial.

R v O – Offence under s.26 OAP Act. Prosecuting a man who in a fit of rage threw acid over a Sainsbury’s employee for “getting in the way with a trolley.” The attack was witnessed by horrified shoppers who watched as the victim’s clothing and then his skin disintegrated. This was one of the first cases to utilise screens for eye witnesses too scared to give evidence.

R v O – Possession of a firearm with intent. The defendant returned to Tesco’s to extract an apology from the security officer who had earlier “disrespected” him.

R v A – Defending a man with mental health issues in a case of arson with intent to endanger life. Having locked people into a building of flats, the defendant put a fire bomb through the letter box and refused to open the door. The case was ultimately dealt with under the Mental Health Act.

R v L – Successful prosecution of a man who set a schoolgirl’s hair alight causing extensive burns on her head, neck and fingertips as she tried to put the flames out.


Sexual Offences

R v E – Historic sex case involving a father’s systematic sexual abuse of his daughter (including attempted penetration and oral penetration) between the ages of 9-14, after she had been sent to him for sanctuary, having been raped by her uncle. Convicted on all counts and sentenced to 8 years.

R v L – Represented a defendant on a 30 count indictment alleging offences of grooming, child sex offences, assisting in the commission of an indictable offence and possession of child pornography. Described by Surrey Police as one of the UK’s most dangerous paedophiles.

R v G – Defending a senior tennis club official who had downloaded 11,000 indecent images including of children as young as 2. Judge commented that the rape images were the worst he had ever seen.

R v S – Sexual Assault – Breach of trust – Sexual assault of a young lady by her employer and mentor in circumstances that involved physical violence.

R v S – Sexual assaults of young boys travelling to school on the school bus by an Afghan national seeking asylum in the UK based on his homosexuality.

R v R – A case involving a 7 year old complainant who alleged she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her swimming instructor.