Helen Dawson

Year of call: 2014

Helen is developing a busy practice, encompassing all areas of criminal law. She regularly appears in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Courts, on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence.


Helen is a courageous and dedicated advocate, noted for her thorough preparation of cases and commitment to her clients. She has a particular interest in representing youths and is adept in handling their client care needs in a sensitive yet robust manner.

Helen widens her skill set through accepting instructions from the Attorney General’s Junior Junior Panel, formerly the Treasury Solicitor’s Baby Barrister Panel.



Helen is regularly instructed by the Government Legal Department, as a member of the Junior Junior Panel, formerly the Treasury Solicitor’s Baby Barrister Panel. She has undertaken work for the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, having recently assisted with work for the Kenya Emergency Group Litigation, a case involving over 40,000 claimants alleging abuse arising out of the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya during the 1950s.


Law with Legislative Studies LLB (Hons) – University of Hull

Bar Professional Training Course – Kaplan Law School

Sweet and Maxwell Pupillage Award – Inner Temple

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association

Bar Mock Trial Competition Mentor 2016-2017

Qualifying Sessions Sub-Committee – Inner Temple

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Notable cases

R v C Acquittal of a youth charged with burning a fellow student with a cigarette lighter. The Complainant had autism, which required a lengthy and careful cross-examination.

R v A & V (Co-defending) Following a successful submission of no case to answer and calling an acquitted defendant as a witness for the defence, the youth was acquitted of assaulting a police officer and obstructing arrest.

R v B Persuaded the Crown to offer no evidence against a youth charged with three knifepoint robberies.

R v N Acquittal of Defendant charged with facilitating illegal entry for a non-EU national, following bad character evidence and co-defendants pleading guilty.

R v K Acquittal of Defendant charged with assaulting his teenage daughter, despite bad character evidence concerning an alleged forced marriage and a force marriage protection order from the Family Court.

R v C Successfully persuaded the Court to pass the minimum sentence for the second offence of possession of a bladed article, for a defendant with extensive previous convictions, including offences for firearms.

R v S, T & A (Co-defending) Represented a defendant with severe learning and mental health difficulties, for a three day trial. Received a conditional discharge after trial.

R v Metra Represented a Defendant in the preliminary stages of an extradition hearing. The Defendant was sought for two convictions of murder in Albania but resisted his extradition.