Kyri Argyropoulos

Year of call: 1991

Kyri acts in all areas of criminal law, but predominantly defending in serious criminal cases such as murder, manslaughter and large-scale drugs offences. He also acts in regulatory and Health & Safety matters as well as road traffic matters.


Kyri is an experienced criminal advocate who prides himself on his total commitment to his client’s cases regardless of the (apparent) strength of the case against them. He has substantial experience in murder, large drugs cases, fraud, violent crime and serious sexual offences. His caseload has often included evidence involving undercover police, intrusive surveillance and Customs. He has extensive experience of ‘cell site’ evidence and data recovery from mobile phones (successfully contradicting Crown experts).

Kyri also undertakes Health and Safety cases and is available in certain circumstances to act under Direct Access to conduct cases without the need to instruct a solicitor.

Kyri is highly computer-literate and scans almost all his cases to disk for more efficient management and analysis. He delivers seminars on managing large cases using either free or commonly used software both to solicitors and also colleagues!

He has acted as a led junior in numerous cases and also as leading counsel in a number of serious trials, several of which were prosecuted by 3 counsel. Amongst the cases in which Kyri has led was a large scale drugs conspiracy to “flood the country with cocaine” (allegedly) involving serious organized crime figures which resulted in the prosecution abandoning the case after disclosure arguments and the instruction of 2 special counsel (both QCs).

Kyri is happy to draft two counsel advices in appropriate cases and also has a very successful history of assisting with pre-trial correspondence that has resulted in cases of a wide range of seriousness being discontinued or substantially reduced.

One of Kyri’s areas of expertise is in freedom of speech related offences. He appeared in the leading case of Abdul and others (anti-war protest in Luton) and others as well as “Spiderman” scaling the London Eye and closing Tower Bridge, The purple powder “funpowder” protesters who threw purple powder at Tony Blair and more recently the protester who painted “Help” on a portrait of the Queen.

Present cases include serious violence, class “A” drug distribution, historical child abuse, rape, people-trafficking and aggravated burglary.


BA (Hons.) English & related literature
Diploma in Law
Direct access qualified

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association

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Notable Cases

R v ZT – ZT was the driver subjected to a ‘hard stop’ by armed police.  A loaded 9mm pistol was found on the rear seat of his 2-seater vehicle of which ZT denied all knowledge. Kyri was able to undermine much of the officer’s evidence in xx and also using stills from Body Worn Video, and secured his client’s acquittal on all counts.

R v MM – Mr MM worked as a cashier in a betting shop.  On 2 occasions the shop was robbed by armed men as were 2 other shops where 2 co-defendants worked.  X was the man linking all 4 robberies and MM was found to be in phone contact with him on relevant dates as well as being cell-sited close to him at material times.  Kyri was able to rebut prosecution assertions regarding cell site (made during the trial) by using his own maps and successfully argued MM’s acquittal.

R v TM – Mr R was part of the Travelling Community and allegedly involved in a conspiracy to steal power tools worth well over £100,000.  TR did not give evidence but in his defence unused CCTV was played and a large and detailed defence schedule was produced which undermined much of the Crown’s case and led to TR’s acquittal.

R v MA – Instructed by ULA law, Kyri secured the acquittal of an Uber driver accused of sexual assaults on a client.  Kyri was able to discredit the accounts given and highlight damaging inconsistencies in the evidence as well as securing concessions from the complainant.  As a result his client was unanimously acquitted and apply for the return or his licence and livelihood

R v KH – Kyri Argyropoulos instructed by Waterfords solicitors secured the acquittal of KH in an (armed) robbery trial in which a young couple and their friend were tied-up and threatened with acid and firearms.  Prior to KH’s trial 3 other men had already been convicted of the offence and received between 13 and 16 year prison sentences.

The Prosecution alleged that KH had driven to Nottingham on one aborted trip and then another trip 3 days later in order to rob a young couple in their penthouse flat.  KH’s DNA was found inside a pair of gloves which were to be used for the robbery that were bought en route to Nottingham on the first trip.  Further, a mobile phone registered to KH’s mother, but under his control, travelled to Nottingham from London on both days and was used during both trips and contacted all 3 co-defendants over a period of time.  Kyri argued that KH was not using the phone regularly and was able to show this through meticulous analysis of the billing data.  He further argued that the DNA might have been transferred by others via the use of the mobile phone.

R v MW (2018) – Kyri Argyropoulos secured the acquittal of MW following a trial for Aggravated Burglary and use of a firearm in which one of the burglars died.  The Prosecution alleged that MW drove the burglars on two reconnaissance trips and then to burgle a flat above a Laundrette in Grays, Essex using an imitation firearm, axes and other weapons.  The flat was occupied by a man (who received injuries from the axe), his partner and 2 children who were threatened with the firearm and the axe.  Although his hands were initially tied with cable ties the occupier was able to break free, disarm one of the burglars and injure him with the axe. He died at the scene

The defence argued that the flat was being used to deal illegal drugs and that MW had no knowledge of any intent to burgle, weapons or balaclavas despite the 3 surviving burglars pleading guilty before trial.  The defence were able to secure a considerable volume of unused material which supported the drug-dealing which was denied by the occupants and that far from going on a ‘reccie’ MW on one occasion left the vehicle and went for a pizza.

The other defendants either pleaded or were convicted and received lengthy custodial sentences. The Independent’s report on this case can be found here.  The BBC News’ report on the case can be found here.

R v AH (2018) – AH was a former coach/manager of a girl’s football team. He was accused of historic sexual abuse of his daughter’s teenage friend.  In addition to the complainant 3 recent complaint witnesses were called.  The defence were able to locate the daughter’s diaries and after a detailed examination of them, the defence were able to undermine much of the complainant’s account.  Further, DVLA and Land Registry enquiries created a platform from which the various witnesses could be cross-examined and, ultimately undermined.  The tactics used allowed cross-examination in a non-confrontational way that avoided a ‘battle of credibility’ that might have allowed the prosecution to undermine the defendants account. AH was acquitted on all counts.

R v BB (2018) – BB was driving a car which was subject to a police stop.  After failing to evade police he stopped and his passenger escaped with a loaded firearm and a substantial quantity of cocaine.  Following a detailed dismissal application the Crown offered no evidence against BB.

R v LT (2018) – LT was charged with s18 GBH where it was alleged that he (as opposed to others) had punctured V’s lung twice with a pitchfork.  CCTV and mobile phone footage showed LT striking the window of a car V was sat in and plunging a fork through the broken window twice.  However, Kyri argued a combination of defence of another and strongly challenged causation.  LT and solicitors for the co-defendant attributed the unexpected acquittal to Kyri’s closing speech.

R v AW (2018) – AW was charged with armed robbery of a taxi driver and a mother-of-two in her home.  Kyri cross examined V extensively on a number of issues including Cell site evidence which was disclosed only days before the trial and regarding which there was no defence expert.  The jury were discharged during Kyri’s xx and as a result of his answers in xx combined with further disclosure requests the CPS offered no evidence.

R v JP – Possession of criminal property resulting out of a Multi-million pound Fraud committed by the defendant’s husband. The Crown alleged that the lavish lifestyle (eg £45,000 family holidays) was well beyond the family’s income. However detailed exploration of hundreds of unused emails helped undermine many of the Crown’s assertions and helped result in acquittal.

R v AS – Part of operation 1026 involving extensive infiltration lasteing several months by an undercover police officer. Allegation of conspiracy to supply 80% pure cocaine

R v SM – Possession of firearm with intent to endanger life. SM was seen on CCTV transporting a firearm packaged in a baby-buggy cardboard box but was nonetheless acquitted.

R v MT –Representing (per the prosecution) the “Head of an organized crime group” dealing in Heroin Cocaine and Cannabis and firearms.

R v ST – ST was charged with possession of “an arsenal” of ammunition including ‘dum dum’ bullets. ST’s DNA was found on the packaging of the ammunition which was found in the home of the co-defendant (in whose car ST was stopped and arrested). Kyri secured his acquittal after a successful submission of no case to answer. 

R v SD – Kyri represented SD who had been accused of possession of a firearm and also a CS gas canister and had signed police officers’ notes to the effect that both belonged to him. At trial he admitted signing 2 notebooks and the property search record to the effect that both items were his. Despite a “no-comment” interview, the defendant maintained at trial that he had been pressured into signing the notebooks and had been told he would only receive a caution. After a 5 day trial during which 3 DC’s and a DI were accused of lying and fabricating evidence it took the jury an hour to acquit SD unanimously.

R v SO – Kyri argued for the successful dismissal of charges of aggravated burglary and possession of a firearm with intent based upon poor ID evidence.

R v NM – Kyri acted for NM who was accused of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. Kyri successfully argued against an application to amend the indictment and ultimately the case was dismissed.

R v JL – Kyri was instructed to defend a particularly difficult (evidentially) murder case where the defendant had stabbed the deceased 17 times (13 in the back) and subsequently buried the body and lied extensively to police.

R v X – Kyri defended in this difficult case of s.18 GBH in which the complainant refused to answer any questions after her ABE was played to the jury. This was a case where legal argument and opposed PII applications lasted longer than the evidence itself. Currently in the process of an appeal, reporting restrictions apply.

R v PB – Kyri defended a 73 year old man accused of s.18 GBH and affray. Kyri’s client had admitted in interview (unrepresented) that he had threatened the complainant with a large kitchen knife and also admitted slashing both his arms. Successful submissions reduced the s.18 charge to s.47 and the jury duly acquitted.

R v KG – Kyri (leading Sophie Shotton) was instructed to represent KG in a large scale drugs case in which his client was described as one of the principal organisers of a drug ring to “flood” the North West with cocaine imported via Spain in air-conditioning units. The Crown were represented by a QC and two juniors in a case where the unused schedules alone exceeded 800 pages. Sentencing for co-defendants who pleaded guilty suggested Kyri’s client faced a sentence on conviction in the region of 24-28 years. Kyri’s client faced a continually changing case involving numerous legal arguments as other defendants pleaded guilty or were added to the indictment. Following a large number of skeleton arguments and oral submissions on PII the trial judge requested the assistance of Special Counsel. Queen’s Counsel were appointed by the Attorney General who then appointed further Special Counsel (also a QC). Ultimately the Crown offered no evidence before the trial.

R v DR – Kyri, led by Tom Nicholson-Pratt, secured the acquittal of DR after a 7½ week trial for conspiracy to rob and burgle. After the successful exclusion of a number of previous convictions for robbery, Kyri’s client was unanimously acquitted. The allegations were unusual as the suggestion was that fellow criminals were being targeted as they themselves would be reluctant to go to the police either for fear of “grassing” or because they could not legitimately account for the items stolen (allegedly drugs or the proceeds of crime).

R v CW – Kyri’s client was charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Kyri successfully applied for the case to be dismissed against his client following argument on both law and fact.

R v KK – The defendant Mr K was accused of dangerous driving and was also alleged to have made threatening signs to police suggesting he was in possession of a firearm. 5 officers were called to give evidence as to these facts as well as the firearms officers called to the scene. K’s defence was “fit-up”. He alleged that all 5 officers had lied in order to cover up the fact that they had, quite brutally, beaten him up (thinking perhaps the car he drove was stolen). A submission of no case to answer was (perhaps unusually) made. It was upheld and the client was acquitted.

R v CB – Kyri acted for a defendant who, on his own admission, had placed the body of his lover (whom he had met on the Gumtree internet site) in a suitcase in his garage before dumping it on waste ground days later. The case involved not only cell site but Oyster card evidence as well as expert evidence concerning the decomposition of bodies and maggot infestation.

R v C and others – Kyri represented one of 7 defendants who had protested against the Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade in Luton. The trial lasted 6 days and involved fundamental and complex issues concerning the right to protest and the right to free speech. Kyri is currently appealing the conviction by way of case stated on behalf of all the defendants.

R v K – Kyri was leading counsel for one of 10 defendants tried in Oxford for conspiracy to supply cocaine. During the prosecution case (which lasted 5 months) Kyri was able to chip away at the Crown’s evidence and unearth substantial unused material favourable to the defence. As a result of this and a number of successful legal submissions, Kyri’s client was acquitted at half time on a submission of no case to answer after leading counsel for the Crown conceded that he no longer had a sustainable case against Kyri’s client.

R v D and Others – Kyri acted for the first defendant in a 7-handed murder trial where the former second defendant turned Queen’s Evidence at the start of trial. Although 3 co- defendants were convicted the jury were hung in relation to Kyri’s client. The case recently featured in BBCs Panorama program “The return of the Supergrass”.

R v S – was a conspiracy to import some 350kg of cocaine from Colombia and involved a “Supergrass”. The case was prosecuted by 3 counsel at the Central Criminal Court. Kyri’s client, who did not give evidence, was unanimously acquitted and the follow-on trial of other alleged conspirators collapsed as a result.

R v R – was a homicide case which involved two month long trials. The first, after the accused was found unfit to plead, and the second, after treatment, was a manslaughter trial. Reported extensively in the local Yorkshire press, as well as the nationals, it involved Kyri’s client abducting the victim whilst posing as a taxi driver in the early hours of the morning, and her jumping out of his moving car into the path of a taxi (whose driver was prosecuted for minor offences) that killed her.

R v V – was another case prosecuted by 3 counsel; Kyri was co-defending with Brian St Louis. The first Colombian contract killing to be prosecuted in this country and at the time the largest disclosure exercise undertaken by the CPS, complicated by the fact that the trial took place over 6 years after the original investigation. Kyri helped secure bail for his client after the evidence of the “grass” and the case was halted at the conclusion of the prosecution case after 3 months.

R v T and Others – was at the time the longest murder trial to take place at the Central Criminal Court (9 months). Kyri’s client, who was first on the indictment, faced 2 murder and 4 s18 offences in which he was subject to a cut-throat defence on the part of all 3 co- defendants. The first of the two murders took place in broad daylight on a busy road and involved one group of Tamil youths attacking another using axes, swords and machetes. The second involved the killing of a Tamil youth and the subsequent burning of the body in a North London park.

R v G – a supply of class A drugs to undercover policemen case which was halted after one of the main prosecution witnesses (an officer in the case) – having been cautioned by Kyri in cross-examination – declined to answer questions on the grounds of self-incrimination. Wisely the Crown threw their hand in, given the defendant’s defence was “fit up”.

R v E – represented a 67 year old partially disabled man accused of murder who was beaten up by two youths over an argument concerning an umbrella during the Christmas holiday period. The parties’ paths crossed shortly afterwards resulting in the death of one of E’s assailants and serious injury to another. Kyri’s client was acquitted after a retrial.


Other Notable Cases

Other notable cases involved the acquittal for murder of a man who stabbed a sleeping man through the ribs, a Yardie “execution”, the importation of 80kg heroin and an international car-ringing case where evidence was taken live from witnesses in Cyprus for the first time in legal history as part of a UK trial.

Kyri also has extensive and unique experience of defending “Fathers 4 Justice” protesters. His clients include “Spiderman”, whose acquittals Kyri secured both after he scaled a crane in Tower Hill for several days and after he had climbed the London Eye

Kyri also acted for one of the “Funpowder Plot” Fathers 4 Justice protesters, Mr Davies, involving throwing purple powder at Tony Blair in the House of Commons. Subsequently he secured an acquittal for the other defendant, Mr Harrison, after he scaled the Palace of Westminster and was charged with causing a public nuisance

More recently Kyri defended a man who “arrested” Hon Margaret Hodge MP for child abuse by handcuffing himself to her during a family law conference; he was acquitted of charges of False Imprisonment. So unhappy were the CPS that they went on record to the press that they intended to appeal the decision.

Although based in London Kyri is happy to travel throughout the country in order to undertake cases of suitable gravity or complexity.


Background Information

Kyri is an approved pupil supervisor and a certified Advocacy Trainer for Inner Temple. He is also a member of the Qualifying sessions sub-committee and regularly acts as a group leader at Cumberland Lodge weekends.
Fluent in Greek
Computer fluent (as opposed to literate), Kyri almost invariably has his cases scanned to disk and is available to assist others in managing and organising larger cases using Adobe Acrobat and MS Excel.
When he is not working Kyri enjoys travel, armchair football, sunbathing, scuba diving, eating and drinking.