Ruth Zentler-Munro

Year of call: 2004

Ruth is a passionate advocate, who brings real personal commitment and a keen sense of justice to her practice. Her practice is balanced between prosecution and defence work. Ruth adopts an individualistic and humanistic approach to her cases and understands that no matter how ‘trivial’ the case may be in legal terms, it is of the utmost concern to those involved in it.


Ruth is particularly adept at dealing with vulnerable clients, whether they be young, mentally disordered or suffering from the ill/after-effects of serious addictions. These ‘soft skills’ are counterbalanced by a strong interest in the intellectual side of law: Ruth is always keen to test doctrinal limitations when advancing legal arguments.
Ruth has a great deal of experience in all areas of crime, in particular: violence, drugs, dishonesty offences, public order and sexual offences.

Ruth is a member of Lawyers for Liberty, Amnesty International, the Criminal Bar Association and is a mentor to disadvantaged teenagers through the Social Mobility Foundation.


LLB (Dunelm) 2:1
LLM International Law (Bristol)

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
International Legal Network Society
Lawyers for Liberty

Notable Cases

P v DPP [2012] EWHC 1657 (Admin); [2013] 1 W.L.R. 2337; [2013] 1 Cr. App. R. 7; [2013] 
This case involved a multi-handed robbery of a cigarette. Extensive violence was used against the complainant but after the property had been removed. The issue was whether the degree of force used to remove the cigarette from the complainant was sufficient to elevate the theft into a robbery. The High Court agreed that it could not. This is the first and only case in which the Appellant courts have deemed that the force used was insufficient to amount to a robbery


As led junior counsel

R v S – BTP prosecution of a proclaimed graffiti ‘king.’ There were 45 offences spread over several years and countries. Jury unanimously acquitted the defendant.



R v B – Unanimous acquittal of man who was charged with a campaign of rape on his wife despite text message referring to the rape being sent immediately afterwards.

R v B – 17 year old defendant charged with 2 separate stabbing incidents: one in which he stabbed the complainant 8 times leaving him in hospital for a month, and one in which he broke into the same complainant’s home in the middle of the night and stabbed him in the head and neck area. Jury unanimously acquitted of first incident.

R v M – Judge directed acquittal of defendant who was charged with a series of rapes on his partner. This was against the background that the defendant had met the complainant while being in jail for absconding from an earlier rape trial and was agreed to have used extensive violence against the complainant.

R v W – Jury unanimously acquitted defendant charged with rape of his daughter’s friend despite there being evidence of her running from the bedroom screaming.

R v P – The defendant was charged with a gang related reprisal attack on a bus in Croydon. The cctv showed him running away from the scene with a hunting-style knife and several eye witnesses identified him as the stabber. Due to highly effective cross-examination, the Crown were forced to concede at half time that there was no case to answer on s18 charge.



R v J – Prosecuted a firearms & PWITS case: a handgun, ammunition and a large stash of cannabis was recovered from the main defendant’s property. The defendant claimed that he had been cuckooed by a gang and that they had brought the firearm there without his knowledge while he was out.
I applied to adduce unproven, hearsay evidence of his gang association to refute the defence of duress.

R v B – Successfully resisted an appeal against conviction from defendant who was a disgraced former barrister.

R v N – Prosecuted defendant who was charged with violent robbery in the home.

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