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15 New Bridge Street

Pupillage at 15NBS

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2 x 12 month Pupillages (April and October 2019)

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15 New Bridge Street is a prominent set of chambers on the Southeastern circuit, specialising in criminal and regulatory work, providing representation at every level. Chambers will be offering two criminal pupillages; one starting in April 2019 and the second in October 2019.

What we offer
We offer a first class pupillage which provides pupils with the breadth and depth of experience needed for a successful career at the Criminal Bar. We pride ourselves on ensuring that pupils are well supervised and supported throughout their pupillage and we have an excellent track record of recruiting tenants from those who complete pupillage with us.

Pupillage at 15 New Bridge Street is divided into four periods of three months, each of which is spent with a different supervisor. You will be expected to produce work for other members of Chambers throughout the year and you will receive in-house advocacy training and formal feedback at the conclusion of each three-month period.

We are looking for the brightest graduates from any university to fill our pupillage places, but we do not exclude anyone purely on the basis of their class of degree. We look for personality, all-round ability and commitment as well as considering your academic record. We are an equal opportunities employer.

Financial Support

The pupillage award for 2019 is £18,000. This is by way of a grant of £9,000 for the first non-practising six months and guaranteed earnings of £9,000 during the second practising six months.

In addition, Chambers pays for the continuing education courses which a pupil is required to undertake during pupillage and travel outside of London is funded by Chambers.

How to apply
All 12-month pupillages are offered by way of a non-gateway application form, which can be downloaded from the ‘About us’ page of our website, under ‘Applying for Pupillage’.

Applications should be submitted to

The closing date for the 2019 pupillage applications is 21 September 2018.