Patrick Moran*

Year of call: 1997


Patrick* is currently in the Cayman Islands as Deputy Director in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Patrick has substantial experience in the fields of regulatory law and criminal law. Patrick defends criminal cases at all levels and he is frequently instructed in cases involving serious organised crime. He prosecutes on behalf of several agencies and he has been appointed to two separate Crown Prosecution Service specialist panels of advocates – the “Fraud” panel and the “Organised Crime” panel. He also accepts instructions to act in civil cases.


Patrick has a great deal of expertise in “white collar” crime, including conspiracies to commit tax fraud. He has also acted in relation to offences contrary to, inter alia, the Insolvency Act 1986, the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Legal Services Act 2007 and the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.  He has experience of cases brought by the Serious Fraud Office (including under the Bribery Act 2010), the Department for Trade and Industry (as it then was) and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Much of Patrick’s work centres upon allegations of wrongdoing on the part of professionals and/or those entrusted with fiduciary duties.  Several of the cases in which he has acted have involved high profile individuals.  He has also acted in relation to breaches of health and safety law, revenue law, pharmaceutical law, and liquor/gaming licensing laws.  Patrick also has a particular specialism in asset forfeiture proceedings, including restraint/receivership proceedings and cash seizure, detention and forfeiture.

As well as his “white collar” experience, Patrick has substantial experience in cases involving “mainstream” crime including murder, large scale importation of drugs, possession and use of firearms, and serious sexual offences. He has also conducted overseas courts-martial on behalf of members of the Armed Forces.

Patrick has provided legal advice in relation to complex complaints against the police (at the behest of the Independent Police Complaints Commission) and has advised as to the lawfulness of search and seizure operations mounted by various agencies.  He has given lectures to other professionals, including government lawyers, in relation to search and seizure operations.

Patrick has appeared in courts at all levels, including the Magistrates’ Court, the County Court, the High Court (Administrative and Family divisions), the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords. He has also appeared in the Tax Tribunal.




LLB (Hons.)
Direct Access qualified

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association

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Notable Cases

R. v. X. (2014) – Instructed to provide pre-charge advice to a company director facing charges contrary to the Bribery Act 2010, the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906 and Fraud Act 2006.  The investigation, conducted by the Serious Fraud Office, spans several international jurisdictions and involves multi-million dollar contracts involving more than one “blue chip” multinational organisation.

R. v. Z & M (2014) – Instructed by the CPS Central Fraud Group to prosecute an $18 million fraud, alleged to have been perpetrated against a multinational technology firm by a sophisticated gang of organised criminals operating on a global level.

R. v. G & ors. (2014) – Instructed by the CPS Organised Crime Division to prosecute a multi handed trial involving allegations of cross-border offences centred upon a bonded warehouse and its directors / owners.

R.v. N (2014) – Instructed for the Defendant is an allegation of murder and attempted murder.  One of the alleged victims was stabbed over 100 times in a frenzied and apparently motiveless attack. London Evening Standard

R.v. D (2014) – Instructed for the Defendant is an allegation of spousal murder.

R. v. R & another. (2013) – Instructed for the Defence in relation to allegations of unlawful lending contrary to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Defendant acquitted of all counts.

R. v. GDS (2013) – Instructed for the Prosecution in a case involving allegations of fraud against an individual famed for providing international legal assistance to notorious individuals (including Saddam Hussein), under the guise of being a fully qualified lawyer. The case focused mainly upon his fraudulent conduct of civil litigation involving vast losses to his “clients”.  The trial lasted 2 months and involved complex cross border issues across 5 separate jurisdictions.  Defendant convicted of all counts and made the subject of a £2 million confiscation order. BBC News

R. v. H and others. (2013) Instructed for the Defence in a case involving allegations of multi-million pound cross-border advance fee fraud.  The prosecution called evidence from several financial experts including the head of a trading desk based in Frankfurt.  Defendant acquitted of all counts following legal argument.

R. v. M (2013) – Instructed for the Prosecution in relation to allegations of fraud and money laundering involving several well-known international sportsmen, including a former captain of the English national football team. The allegations spanned many years and involved systematic frauds against both individuals and financial institutions.  Defendant convicted of all counts. BBC News

R. v. C (2013) – Instructed for the Defence in a multi-handed case alleging breaches of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.  Following a guilty plea, Defendant sentenced to community based disposal.

W v. HMRC (2012) instructed for the Claimant in a matter brought against Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs relating to Revenue issues dating back to 1950.  Claimant succeeded in relation to 90% of his claim.

R. v. W (2011) – Instructed for the defence in an 11 handed case involving numerous allegations of conspiracy to commit armed robbery dating from 2005 to 2009. The Crown’s case was based in part upon several years of surveillance undertaken by officers from SCD/7 (“the Flying Squad”). The Daily MirrorBBC News

R. v. Q (2009) – Instructed for the Defence in complex confiscation proceedings resulting from convictions for conspiracies to supply over 35 kilograms of class A controlled drugs. The Defendant, who was already serving a 30 year custodial term, had dispensed with the services of his two previous legal teams.  Following negotiations, a confiscation order was settled at minimal loss to the Defendant. The Argus

R. v. E (2009) – Instructed for the Defence in confiscation proceedings following convictions for fraud offences including a sophisticated attack on an online gambling organisation. The Defendant was described in the London Times and “one of Britain’s so-called Mr Bigs”.  Case settled with an order favourable to the Defendant. Internet Article

R. v. NR & BB (2008) – Instructed for the Prosecution in a case against 2 major construction companies involving serious breaches of health and safety legislation arising from the electrocution of two railway workers on the Channel Tunnel Rail link.  Both corporate Defendants convicted and heavily penalised. Internet Article

IN THE MATTER OF CN (2007) – Instructed by the Revenue & Customs Prosecutions Office in enforcement proceedings brought against a notorious London gangland criminal who had failed to satisfy a confiscation order made against him in 1996 in the sum of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

IN THE MATTER OF N (2007) – Instructed by the CPS Central Confiscation Unit to intervene in High Court proceedings brought under the Children’s Act. The case, heard in the Administrative and Family Divisions of the High Court, involved a dispute over the home of a convicted drug dealer.  Following complex legal argument in relation to issue estoppel, the judge found in favour of the Crown.

IN THE MATTER OF G (2006) –Advised in relation to complaints brought against several police officers by an exonerated defendant.  The allegations included corruption and perjury on the part of the police during a lengthy investigation into a multinational insurance company and the acts of some of its senior officials.  Disciplinary recommendations were made against a number of officers.

Reported Cases

Attorney-General’s Ref. No. 80 of 2005 (Court of Appeal) [2005] EWCA Crim 3367
Acted for the Defendant, who had received a two year suspended sentence for an offence of wounding with intent. He had stalked his victim prior to attacking him with a knife and stabbing him several times, including in his head. The case was prosecuted by Treasury Counsel led by the Attorney-General himself.

R v Yusuf (Court of Appeal) [2003] 2 Cr App R 32

Acted for the appellant in an appeal against a finding of contempt of court made against the “star witness” in a murder trial.

R v K. (House of Lords) [2002] 1 AC 462

An important case involving allegations of indecent assault on a female (under the old legislation) and the lack of availability of the “young man’s defence.”


Other Information

Patrick is a member of Amicus, a charity which provides legal assistance to prisoners on Death Row in the USA. In 2000 and 2001 he spent over 7 months in Houston, Texas working on the case of State of Texas v B J M. During the proceedings Patrick not only worked as part of the defence team, but he was also called to give evidence before the jury as a “quasi-expert” witness.

Patrick is a keen traveller. As well as working in the United States, Patrick has spent time travelling with his wife in both Central and South America. His spare time is spent with his family and friends, or on any golf course he can find.