Tim Starkey

Year of call: 2002

Tim has a wide ranging criminal practice, both prosecuting and defending. Tim is a level 3 prosecutor and on the RASSO list, regularly prosecuting rape trials. His experience of prosecuting sexual offences encompasses numerous historic allegations, cases involving young children and intermediaries and multiple defendants.

Tim has successfully defended in a wide range of criminal proceedings, notably in cases involving allegations of rape, fraud and serious violence.


Tim is particularly interested in prosecuting cases involving contested expert evidence and has experience of questioning, amongst others, psychiatrists, forensic scientists, neuro surgeons, paediatricians and an expert in Nigerian customary adoption. Tim has also successfully prosecuted a number of high profile cases involving children being trafficked from West Africa into the United Kingdom as well as several multi-handed fraud cases.

Tim also has extensive experience of immigration offences and abuse of process arguments in relation to the prosecution of defendant’s who are themselves the victims of human trafficking (a subject on which he has given a CPD accredited seminar). In his defence work, previous experience of working as a police station representative has given Tim a keen understanding of the need for good client care from the start to finish of proceedings. Tim’s calm, persuasive manner has secured numerous acquittals, often very much against the odds!


Notable Cases


R v S (2008) trafficking of baby for purposes of obtaining benefits.

R v A and R (2011) trafficking of Nigerian children into domestic servitude in London.

R v O and O – (2012) trafficking of Nigerian children into domestic servitude in London.

R v M – (2013) sexual assault on 7 year old girl by uncle.

R v L – (2014) historic rape allegation relating to when complainant 4 years old

R v T – (2015) multiple historic rape allegations when complainant was 5-7 years old. Not disclosed until many years later as the defendant a respected figure in the church and community. Extensive disclosure of social service, medical and educational records.

R v V and N – (2016) allegation concerning rape of woman by two flat mates. Clash of expert evidence in relation to the interpretation of findings of semen and blood stain patterns.

R v A and others – (2016) four handed rape and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

R v T B – (2016) rape and indecent assault allegations dating back to 1970s when the complainant was 12 years old.

R v M – (2017) voyeurism, severely disabled defendant who hid cameras in his flat to film his carers over a number of years

R v C and D – (2008) S18 GBH, expert evidence on causation of brain injuries

R v H – (2013) series of mortgage frauds and false representations spanning a 20 year period

R v Y and others – (2014) 3 handed aggravated burglary and firearms offences involving extensive cell site analysis evidence.

R v K and others – (2016) successful prosecution of a four handed fraud involving fraudulent use of company credit cards and subsequent laundering of the proceeds of crime.

R v F – (2017) successful prosecution of defendant who duped a large number of victims into investing considerable sums of money into a company purporting to deal with hostage and rescue situations in Somalia. Extensive disclosure exercise.



R v S – (2011) 9 handed conspiracy to defraud

R v O – (2012) rape, defence of insanity

R v Z – (2014) assault by penetration, allegations against driving instructor of drugging and assaulting pupil. Expert psychiatric evidence in relation to credibility of complainant’s evidence.

R v J – (2014) multiple allegations of historic child rape

R v A – (2015) allegation of gang rape

R v M – (2015) 10 handed trial involving a money laundering conspiracy

R v I – (2016) multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault

R v D – (2016) 6 handed trial for robbery

R v K and others – 11 handed trial with 130,000 pages of evidence. Allegations of violent disorder and conspiracy to commit GBH in context of gang rivalry.

R v P and others – representing father in trial where both parents are accused of facilitating the sexual exploitation of their daughter.

Advocacy Training

Taught Advocacy on the Bar Vocational Course at BPP 2004-2007
Middle Temple Advocacy trainer
Pupil supervisor


Greek (fluent)
French (Advanced)

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