Tana Adkin was appointed Queens Counsel in 2017. She specialises in cases involving those accused of serious criminal offences including where forensic cross-examination of pathologists is required. She acts in cases involving murder, manslaughter, historic childhood sexual abuse and baby-shaking.

Disciplinary and Regulatory

With expertise in cross-examining medical experts Tana advises and acts in cases of disciplinary proceedings brought against medical professionals by various Regulatory bodies. She has acted for a number of years both on behalf of Regulators and registrants and practitioners.

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Tana also advises and acts on behalf of Schools and families with respect to Disciplinary matters against teaching staff, admission appeals and Discrimination tribunals with particular experience of Special Educational Needs.

Coroners Court

Tana welcomes opportunities to advise and represent all parties involved in Coroners’ Inquests in order to serve the public interest in resolving causes of death for the families of loved ones.

She is currently a member of the Criminal Bar Association Executive, the Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers and the Bar Council Retention Panel.

Recent Significant Cases

R v Matovu (2019) – Defended in a case of Murder and administration of poison (GHB) to men met via the Grindr App. Cross examination of Pathologists, Toxicologists and DNA experts. [The Guardian Report] (Central Criminal Court)

R v Waterson (2019) – Defended. Jury could not reach a verdict on Manslaughter of a young child by moving car seat back causing compression asphyxia. Case involved cross-examination of Paediatric Pathologists and Consultant Paediatricians. Plea to Negligent Manslaughter accepted. [ITV News Report] (Central Criminal Court)

R v Sabine McNeill (2019) – Defended lady in case of serious harassment using the internet and social media directed at families in Hampstead accused of perpetrating child abuse as part of a satanic cult. [Case reported live on the internet] (Southwark Crown Court)

GDC v RR (2019) – Represented registered dentist who was exonerated after numerous allegations of misconduct made by the practice manager. (General Dentistry Council)

R v **** (2018/19) – Defended young woman of sexual offences who was subjected to coercion and control. Cross examination of psychologists with respect to Battered Persons Syndrome. Hospital Order made. Similar points to those of R v Challen taken to the Court of Appeal with respect to the law on Duress. (Swansea Crown Court and the Court of Appeal)

R v De’Viana (2017) – Defended father acquitted of child cruelty after denying physical and mental abuse whilst coaching his daughters in tennis. Case involved calling Olympic coaches to give technical evidence of sports training regimes. [BBC News Report] (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

Leading Silk (Legal 500, 2021)


B.A. (Hons), Leicester

Dip.Law, City University, London

Bar Finals (ICSL)

Otto Rix Scholar (Inner Temple)

Geoffrey Veale Scholar (Inner Temple)

Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences (AFMS)

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

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