Recent publications by Claire Mawer

Child Criminal Exploitation Article

Claire Mawer has written an article for the Youth Justice Legal Centre concerning the recent and highly significant decision of the High Court relating to the admissibility of NRM decisions in criminal proceedings.

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CBO Guide

Claire Mawer has co-authored the recently launched Youth Justice Legal Centre’s practitioner’s guide on Criminal Behaviour Orders.

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Criminal Law Review

The February 2021 edition of the Criminal Law Review has published an article by Claire Mawer, along with co-authors David Emanuel QC of Garden Court and Dr Laura Janes, of the Howard League for Penal Reform, examining the important issue of the sentencing of young adult defendants.

“This article examines the impact of the remarkable recent progress of the criminal justice system in recognising that young adults aged 18–25 years should be treated as a distinct category of defendant for the purposes of sentencing. The authors chart the historic treatment of this issue and consider the growth of a substantial body of sentencing authorities which have established the particular importance of age and lack of maturity as a mitigating factor for young adults. These developments are now reflected in the Sentencing Council’s expanded explanation of “age and/or lack maturity” as a mitigating factor, with significant implications for practitioners”. Crim. L.R. 2021, 3, 203-217