• 15 NBS is a Chambers that holds diversity and inclusion as a key principle of its business. We are committed to ensure that we go beyond the legal minimum requirements and those issued by the Bar Council and the Bar Standards Board. As a Chambers we aim to uphold the core basics of fairness and respect for difference, equality of opportunity and treatment across gender, religion, marital/civil status disability, mental and physical differences, BAME and LGBT+ rights and social class.
  • We will not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability when deciding whether to accept instructions from clients, recruiting personnel or in the provision of services in general.
  • We aim to uphold this in our employment practice as well as in the way we recruit and retain our staff, tenants and pupils. It is important that this is reflected in our interactions with others outside chambers as well. It is our policy at 15NBS that everyone who works or comes into contact with us is treated the same way.
  • We promote an inclusive environment and want to ensure our staff, pupils and tenants are selected without discriminatory considerations and that there is a fair distribution of and access to work.
  •  15NBS has a Anti Bullying Policy and will not permit or condone any behaviours as previously specified. This includes creating a safe space to raise issues such as mental health, financial struggles or bullying.
  • 15BS are committed to working with and promoting relationships with students from less advantaged backgrounds so that we can help shape a Bar that is inclusive and open to all ages, races, and backgrounds and is a positive reflection of society. We are ensure our staff and tenants undertake training and are committed to achieving our diversity aims.
  • We regret our current building is not easily accessible for those with physical disabilities but we are always prepared  to visit clients, both lay and professional at a more accessible venue and have facilities for remote meetings. Please contact the clerks of you would like to discuss your needs before your visit.

All Barristers Chambers are required by the Bar Standards Board’s Code of Conduct to publish anonymised diversity data at least once every three years.