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Jim Olphert secures suspended sentence for client, following complex ‘transaction reversal fraud’ trial at Leicester Crown Court.

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Jim Olphert secured a suspended sentence following complex ‘transaction reversal fraud’ trial at Leicester Crown Court.

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His client was accused of having abused his position as an ATM engineer to fraudulently facilitate the theft of several thousand pounds from ATMs throughout the East Midlands over a two-week period, along with an unnamed accomplice.

The fraud was said to have been perpetrated by way a false withdrawal transaction releasing the cash to anyone with access to the rear of the ATM.
The 7-day trial focussed on circumstantial and expert evidence about the operation of the cash points.

Following conviction, Jim was able to successfully argue that his client should be released on a suspended sentence, despite indications from the Judge to the contrary.

Jim was instructed by JBR Morgan Solicitors