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John Waller secures unanimous acquittal in S18 trial

By January 16, 2018February 8th, 2018No Comments

John Waller secured a unanimous acquittal at his client’s trial for a serious stabbing.  It had been alleged by the Crown that the defendant had picked up two knives during a drink-fuelled argument with the complainant.  He then proceeded to attempt to stab the complainant in the chest which resulted in defensive wounds to his hand – one of which severed a tendon and caused significant bleeding.  It was advanced by Mr Waller that this was a case of self defence and that his client had picked up a single knife to defend himself from the complainant’s violent behaviour.   Through firm cross-examination the complainants account was dissected.  Finally a strong closing speech meant that the Jury unanimously accepted this explanation.
John was instructed by Hine Solicitors