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Uplift Charity Ball

By July 11, 2016No Comments

One of our junior tenant’s, Jodie Woodward, who has recently been battling breast cancer has recently launched a new charity and would appreciate your support.

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When Jodie was initially diagnosed, she was provided with a file full of advice from the lovely people at Breast Cancer Care; part of this advice was to find a support group. It was at this point Jodie realised that there wasn’t a great deal of support out there for young women.  She discovered that she did not fit the stereotype of a breast cancer patient.  She learnt that young women in her situation have specific emotional and practical needs that existing support networks, challenged to serve a wide range of patients find difficult to meet in full.

You can find more information about the charity at

So after successfully completing the Paris Marathon earlier this year and because of the enormous support, the money raised has allowed her to launch this wonderful charity and I am delighted to offer you the chance to support this charity by attending the Charity Ball which will take place on the 25 November.

Tickets can be purchased at and all tables purchased before the 31st July 2016 using the code UPLIFT10 will unlock a special 10% discount!

Your support is greatly appreciated