Amanda Hamilton

Year of call: 1995

Amanda Hamilton has 20 years’ of experience as leading and junior counsel for the defence and prosecution in all areas of crime but, in particular, cases involving serious sexual allegations, murder and serious violence, firearms, fraud, drugs and sex-trafficking, and money laundering.


Amanda is a Grade 4 Prosecutor on the Rape and Child Sexual Abuse List. She has been a pupil supervisor since 2005 and an Advocacy Trainer at Lincoln’s Inn for five years

Amanda is instructed as a Presenting Officer at the Nursing and Midwifery Council and is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access Services.


BA (Hons.) University of London
Dip Law, College of Law, London

Notable Cases


R v MB – 2014 prosecuted a 58 year old man for attempted murder. MB is a man with a history of violence who inflicted a near fatal stab would to his victim’s neck.

R v White 2010 – Led by John Coffey Q.C. in a successful appeal and re-trial challenging the safety of geological expert evidence. The Appellant was originally convicted in 2001 and had served five years before his case came to the attention of the television programme Rough Justice.

Serious Sexual Offences

R v AM and others 2013 Junior counsel for the Prosecution of five defendants who had assaulted and raped a woman who had been passed between families as a domestic servant.

R v BD and AD 2014 – prosecuted two brothers who raped and robbed two women in their home, one victim was raped at gun point.


R v Buckharee and others 2013 Prosecution of a defendant who used multiple identities to de-fraud major clearing banks.

Child/Vulnerable Adult Cruelty

R v GS 2011 Defence of a woman accused of multiple injuries of her two year old step-son. The prosecution called expert evidence from five medical experts specialising in trauma, radiology, paediatric medicine, paediatric surgery and neurology.

R v SM 2010 Defence of a mother accused of physical abuse and neglect of her son. Successfully appealed on the basis of Judge’s refusal to allow the defence to adduce bad character evidence of the defendant’s accuser.
[2010] EWCA Crim. 1197

R v Hopkins and Priest 2010 [2011] EWCA Crim 1513. Junior for the defence of a care home manager convicted of wilful neglect under Section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Appeal allowed on the grounds that the jury needed careful directions on the issue of delegation of care home tasks and upon the difference between wilful neglect of the welfare of residents on the one hand, and failure of honest efforts of an overworked but caring manager on the other. The Judge failed to direct the jury adequately on wilful neglect and the separation of roles between the two defendants. Priest is currently the leading case on prosecutions brought under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
Howard League for Penal Reform.

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