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David Aaronberg QC and Kyri Argyropoulos secure acquittal in multi-million pound money laundering case

By December 3, 2014No Comments

Following the successful prosecutions, earlier this year, of a fraudster and his accounts clerk for conspiracy to defraud his employers, the Comer Homes Group, of many millions, the fraudster’s wife, JP, was separately prosecuted for laundering the proceeds of fraud.

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The prosecution claimed that, over a period of some six years, JP spent ‘eye watering’ amounts of stolen money.  Mrs P was alleged to have written company cheques on an account on which she was not a signatory to pay for the leasing of a luxury home and to have spent huge sums on cash and credit cards in circumstances in which she must have suspected that she was dealing with the proceeds of her husband’s crime, as his gross salary was only £60,000 per annum.  She had enjoyed extravagant holidays – one trip alone to Bermuda cost £40,000 – paid private school fees, travelled by helicopter to a holiday castle in Scotland and been ferried around in a Bentley purchased with stolen funds.

Following a detailed and systematic analysis of unused material, the defence suggested that the circumstances of the fraudster’s employment were not as had been claimed by the billionaire owners of the Comer Homes Group.  Other prosecution witnesses in this three week trial included the former rugby player-turned-celebrity, Kenny Logan.

After only five hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously acquitted Mrs P.