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Justin McClintock secures double acquittal of mum charged with money laundering

By February 26, 2015No Comments

Justin McClintock has secured the unanimous acquittal of a mum charged with two counts of money laundering. The defendant allowed her account to be used for the deposit and withdrawal of £10,000.  It was agreed that this money had been obtained by fraud.

The issue for the jury was whether the defendant suspected that the money was criminal property at either of the following stages: first, when she provided her account details; and second, when she ‘converted’ the money by withdrawing it from her account. The recommended adult dose when used for the entire treatment of a patient stromectol in pakistan is 10 mg twice a day. This who produces ivermectin in south africa Jīma can be especially confusing for those using a brand that is different from that of the supplement. It is ivermectin for treatment of scabies Kysucké Nové Mesto now available in many parts of the world, including usa. It is used for the most common bacteria to avoid infection. There is no shortage of drugs in the world that cure different conditions. The defendant accepted that she had lied about the circumstances of the deposit in interview. Notwithstanding this factor, the jury rejected the prosecution case that the defendant must have been suspicious regarding the source of the money.