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Kyri Argyropoulos and Brian St Louis secure aggravated burglary acquittals and preserve their 100% record as co-defending advocates

By March 22, 2016No Comments

Kyri and Brian’s clients were charged with aggravated burglary in 2014. After four juries were sworn (and eventually discharged over the 2-year period) a four-week trial took place with both defendants giving evidence.  Both men had driven vans to and from a warehouse in East London inside which the owner, customers and staff were threatened, beaten and tied-up.  The value of the goods stolen was in excess of £60,000.  During the trial both men admitted to having put their heads together to make up a false story which was the account given in their interviews.  Despite this and admitting to driving away the stolen goods and some of the burglars, both were acquitted by the jury.  Remarkably, although the trials in which they have co-defended are in double figures and span some 20 years, Kyri and Brian’s clients have never been convicted when they have been co-defending advocates.

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