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Kyri Argyropoulos secures acquittal in armed robbery trial

By November 2, 2018No Comments

Kyri Argyropoulos secured the acquittal of KH in an armed robbery trial in which a young couple and their friend were tied-up and threatened with acid and firearms.

Prior to KH’s trial 3 other men had already been convicted of the offence and received between 13 and 16 year prison sentences.

The Prosecution alleged that KH had driven to Nottingham on one aborted trip and then another trip 3 days later in order to rob a young couple in their penthouse flat. KH’s DNA was found inside a pair of gloves which were to be used for the robbery that were bought en route to Nottingham on the first trip. Further, a mobile phone registered to KH’s mother, but under his control, travelled to Nottingham from London on both days and was used during both trips and contacted all 3 co-defendants over a period of time.

Kyri argued that KH was not using the phone regularly and was able to show this through meticulous analysis of the billing data. He further argued that the DNA might have been transferred by others via the use of the mobile phone.

Kyri was instructed by Amy Hooper of Waterfords Solicitors.