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Kyri Argyropoulos secures acquittal on conspiracy to possess firearms to endanger life charges (R v CS)

By February 2, 2016February 4th, 2016No Comments

CS was acquitted after a 6 week trial of conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life.  CA was seen by surveillance officers entering premises (owned by a co-defendant who was convicted and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment) with another co-defendant where the 4 guns were stored as well as being cell-sited there.

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Having successfully opposed an amendment to the indictment Kyri also successfully excluded prison intercept conversations.  However the Crown had a huge amount of bad character evidence which they were allowed to adduce.  Kyri insisted upon full service of electronic material and in particular phone downloads. From these he was able through his use of Photoshop to enhance several photos in order to demonstrate that what appeared to be pictures of firearms were not.