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Michael Collis acts for the NMC in high-profile baby death case

By November 30, 2018No Comments

Michael Collis was instructed by the NMC to act as Case Presenter in a high profile case relating to (i) Ms Lort’s involvement in a baby death in 2009; and (ii) her involvement in baby being stillborn in 2013. This case arose from the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust; an NHS Trust that is currently under review for the maternity services provided to 215 families.

As far as the 2009 incident was concerned, the case focused in on the condition the baby presented at birth, and within the first thirty minutes of her life, and the extent to which Ms Lort should have taken steps at that point, to escalate the baby’s condition to a doctor. Expert evidence was called on behalf of the NMC to indicate that Ms Lort’s record of the baby’s condition, both at birth and thirty minutes after birth, were such that steps should have be taken to obtain emergency medical assistance.