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Nicholas Cooper successfully prosecutes moped robbery gang.

By September 12, 2018No Comments

This Summer Nicholas Cooper successfully prosecuted two members of a moped robbery gang in Croydon Crown Court.

The two and half month long moped-enabled spree committed late 2017 saw members of the public, often women, targeted for their money and jewellery.

The prosecution case relied on piecing together disparate evidence of identifications, sightings of stolen mopeds, CCTV and cell-site, coupled with instances of DNA recovered from the scenes of crimes.

Nicholas worked closely with a team of officers from Operation Venice Investigation Team, a specialist unit tasked with investigating moped-enabled robberies in London.

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The prosecution called expert evidence in both DNA and mobile phone cell site to prove their case.

With over 2,000 pages of evidence and lasting 3 weeks, the defendants were convicted of 22 offences.

The two defendants were sentenced to 14 and 17 years imprisonment respectively.