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Jeremy Lynn and Tim Starkey secure acquittal of husband and wife accused of facilitating the rape of their own daughter.

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After a three week trial Jeremy Lynn and Tim Starkey have secured the acquittal of a husband and wife accused of arranging and facilitating the rape of their own daughter and allowing her to be used for prostitution.

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The couple from South London were befriended by a 3rd Defendant, who was convicted of various offences. After he had wheedled his way into the affections of the family he seduced their teenage daughter, and subsequently began removing her from school in order to take her to “dogging” sites where he would charge other men money to have sex with the girl.
The couple both suffered from learning difficulties, and Tim’s client was aided in evidence by an intermediary. It was argued on their behalf that they were unaware of the activities of the 3rd Defendant and knew neither that he was having a sexual relationship with their daughter nor that he was taking her dogging. This was in the teeth of evidence from the girl and her sister that the parents would bring the 3rd Defendant cups of tea and tobacco whilst he was in bed with the girl.

In one curious incident associated with the case, at a hearing in associated family proceedings, the Complainant spotted a man at court who she identified as one of those who had had sex with her in the woods. The man was arrested and proved to be a local solicitor practising at the court.

No further action was taken against him: a clear cut case of mistaken identity.

Jeremy was instructed by Angela Horne of Catford solicitors Morrison Spowart; Tim was instructed by Angharad Thomas of Hollingsworth Edwards Solicitors, Shepherds Bush.