Beth defends in serious and complex cases. Her work encompasses a wide range of offences including attempted murder, serious violence and firearms offences, large-scale fraud and sexual offences.  Beth is experienced in multi-handed, cut-throat cases and working with large amounts of material (used and unused), including telephone and banking data. Beth has particular experience in cases involving young or vulnerable defendants.

In addition to her defence work Beth sits as a legal advisor in Education Admission Appeals. She is a panel B SFO prosecutor with a particular emphasis on Legal Professional Privilege and is privately instructed to provide advice in respect of private prosecutions.


Upcoming Cases

R v CM (2020)Multi-handed kidnap and blackmail. (Birmingham Crown Court)

R v KW (2020)Historic rape and sexual abuse in a familial setting. (Kingston Crown Court)

R v MD (2021) – Multi-handed. Rape and Kidnap. (Warwick Crown Court)

R v BK (2021) Historic rape and sexual abuse in a familial setting. (Wood Green Crown Court)

R v JD (2021) Multi-handed stabbing. (Stafford Crown Court) 

R v CW (2021) Multi-handed Class A drugs conspiracy. (Warwick Crown Court) 

R v NP (2021) Multi-handed conspiracy. Numerous aggravated burglaries with use of machetes. (Wolverhampton Crown Court)

 R v RC (2021) Multi-handed violent disorder following illegal Covid-19 lockdown rave. (Inner London Crown Court)


Notable Cases

Serious Violence and Firearms

R v JB (2020) – Multi-handed conspiracy – numerous car jackings with the use of firearms. Beth represented one of three defendants charged with in excess of 50 car jackings. Many of those were committed against lone females in broad daylight with the use of weapons including firearms. The case involved vast amounts of cell site material and the cross-examination of experts. (Birmingham Crown Court)

R v DP (2020) – Multi-handed rival gang stabbing. (Northampton Crown Court)

R v SL (2019) – Led junior in multi-handed child cruelty case. Case involved serious allegations spanning 3 years. The trial involved strict adherence to the questioning vulnerable witness guidelines and included cross examination via an intermediary and a renowned medical expert. (Gloucester Crown Court)

R v MH (2018) – Multiple attacks on lone strangers in the early hours of the morning. Includes s18 stabbing. (Birmingham Crown Court) 

R v MS (2017)– Attempted murder. (Junior alone) MS alleged to have thrown his girlfriend from a 4th Floor window causing catastrophic and life changing injuries. (Warwick Crown Court)

R v LP (2017) Multiple stabbing, including 3 stab wounds to the back – acquitted of section 18. (Birmingham Crown Court)

R v MM (2016) – Multi- handed child cruelty case. Unanimous acquittal. (Woolwich Crown Court) 

R v RA (2015) – Secures unanimous of acquittal of defendant charged with firearm offence. (Woolwich Crown Court)

R v SP (2012) – Represented a defendant on a retrial charged with multiple counts of arson, being reckless as to whether life was endangered. This case involved a complex abuse of process argument regarding a previous discharge of the jury (Led Junior). (Northampton Crown Court)


Sexual Offences

R v IB (2020) – Numerous offences of attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual activity in the presence of a child. (Warwick Crown Court) 

R v AH (2018) – Rape of a family member. Case originally investigated when AH was convicted of other sexual offences but not pursued until he had served a custodial sentence for the original allegations. (Birmingham Crown Court) 

R v JE (2018) – Numerous offences of Inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and attempting to meet a child following grooming. (Birmingham Crown Court) 

R v RL – Secures suspended sentence for grandfather convicted of sexual abuse of grandchild. (Birmingham Crown Court)

R v AS (2017) – Conspiracy to facilitate child prostitution. Successful submission of no case to answer. (Hull Crown Court)

R v MJ (2017) – Secures unanimous acquittal in rape trial. (Woolwich Crown Court) 

R v SA (2016) – Multiple rape allegations involving the instruction and cross-examination of visual imagery experts in relation to CCTV. (Nottingham Crown Court)

R v MB (2015) – Successfully defended in historic sexual abuse case.  Acquitted on all 15 counts relating to two separate complainants. (Inner London Crown Court)



R v RC (2019-20) – Multi-handed county lines drugs case. D was one of many defendants travelling around the country to enable to supply of Class A drugs to smaller towns. Investigation began following a high number of drug addict deaths in a small town. (Preston Crown Court)

R v FT (2016) – Secures unanimous acquittal of woman found with 4.4kilos of cocaine in her suitcase. (Birmingham Crown Court) 

R V CH (2015) – Secures unanimous acquittal of cocaine courier who makes admissions in interview. (Central Criminal Court)

R v SB (2013) – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine between three organised crime groups across England. One of 27 defendants. (Led Junior). This case involved vast quantities of telephone material between all 27 defendants – both used and unused. (Northampton Crown Court)


Fraud and Cyber Crime

R V AC (2020) – Computer Misuse offences – Infiltrating company networks and security settings in order to manipulate data and gain unauthorised access to material. (Inner London Crown Court)

R v JS (2020)‘Smishing’ fraud – impersonating large corporations and government bodies in text messages in order to obtain personal data then used in financial fraud. (Inner London Crown Court) 

R v JJ (2018) – Led junior in multi-handed fraud. All defendants and a number of witnesses were profoundly deaf. The entire case, which consisted of circa. 100,000 pages of phone and email evidence was conducted with the use of sign language interpreters. The case involved the instruction of a deaf intermediary and cross-examination via a deaf ‘relay’ interpreter. This case made full use of the questioning of vulnerable witness guidelines. Acquitted. (Wood Green Crown Court)

R v TD (2018) – Sole defendant acquitted in multi-handed, cut-throat conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into a Member State. This case involved vast quantities of telephone and email data in excess of 200,000 pages. (Caernarfon Crown Court)

R v KT (2016) – Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud Southwark Council. Unanimous acquittal. This case involved large quantities of telephone and banking data. (Woolwich Crown Court)

R v SS (2015) – Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud in land banking fraud. Unanimous acquittal. (Led Junior) This case involved vast quantities of telephone and email data spanning several years. (Southwark Crown Court)

R v ZA (2014) – Represented the ringleader of a ‘sham marriage’ ring designed to evade immigration controls. (Led Junior). This case involved vast quantities of telephone and email data – circa 30,000 pages. (Birmingham Crown Court)

R v JN (2014) – multi-handed conspiracy to defraud the revenue of circa. £2m. The only defendant to be acquitted. This case involved vast quantities of telephone and email data spanning several years. (Derby Crown Court)

BA (Hons) History – University of Sheffield
Graduate Diploma in Law – BPP School of Law
Bar Vocational Course – BPP School of Law


Professional Associations

Former Young Barristers’ Committee Representative
Young Fraud Lawyers’ Association
Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
Middle Temple

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