Michael has been a lawyer for 20 years, and is qualified as a barrister and as a solicitor. His practice has predominately been defence advocacy in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal, but as a grade 3 prosecutor he has also enjoyed prosecuting serious criminal cases. Michael has a reputation for being a charismatic yet robust advocate.

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Michael has enjoyed an eclectic career in criminal law, from representing clients at the police station in the early hours of the morning, to conducting trials at the Central Criminal Court.

Having practised as a solicitor, and run his own Legal Aid Franchise, Michael truly appreciates the day to day pressures and realities of running a criminal firm. As such he is down to earth, approachable and always happy to provide over the phone advice and assistance to those who instruct him.

Notable Cases

Court of appeal

R v Fernandez  – [2015] 1 Cr.App.R.(S.) 268(35), C.A. authority concerning automatic life sentences, armed
robbery of banks

R v Stanley – [2008] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 107, CA [Archbold 5-510] authority concerning imposition of life sentences

R v Richards – [2007] Cr.App.R.(S.) 120 CA [Archbold 20-324a] authority concerning criteria for dangerous offenders / sexual offences prevention orders.

R v C – appeal against sentence, possession with intent to supply.

R v M – appeal against conviction concerning inappropriate conduct of Judge.

R v E – appeal against sentence, burglary.

R v Y – appeal against sentence, harassment case.

R v W – appeal against sentence in multi-million pound fraud case (led junior).

Rape and serious sexual offences

Over the last few years Michael has built a reputation for conducting cases of rape and serious sexual offences concerning adult and child complainants. Recent cases include:

R v A – defending multiple rape and violence, Harrow CC.
R v P – defending rape, threats to kill, possession of a firearm with intent, Croydon CC.

R v A – prosecuting Uber cab driver for sexual assault on passenger, Coydon CC.

R v A – prosecuting shop keeper for sexual attack on 18 year old employee, Coydon CC.

R v L – defending multiple marital rape and violence within a 25 year marriage, Central Criminal Court.

R v W – defending attempted rape (two trials), defendant alleged to have broken into ex-partner flat and
subjected her to a violent attack, Woolwich CC.

R v H – defending rape, assault by penetration, witness intimidation 23 year old defendant 16 year old complainant Woolwich CC.

R v G – defending attempted rape of niece with learning difficulties, Croydon CC.

R v M – defending serious sexual assault by mini-cab driver, successful application to re-open guilty plea and
trial, Croydon CC.

R v G – defending sexual assault of 11 year old on tram, Croydon CC.

R v U – defending assault by penetration (two 6 year old girls), Snaresbrook CC.

Homicide, Serious violence and Robbery

As a litigator Michael has defended in many murder and serious violence cases. As an advocate he has been led in the following cases:

R v K – murder, victim shot in gangland killing, 6 week trial CCC.

R v S – murder in connection with drug dealing, 3 week trial Maidstone CC.

R v A – double murder of two brothers in racial turf war, 4 week trial CCC.

R v A – murder/violent disorder racial turf war, 8 week trial CCC.

R v A – double murder re-trial CCC.

R v B – brutal stabbing of 80 year old victim, 6 week trial CCC.

R v I – conspiracy – ‘cash in transit’ armed robberies 2 week trial Inner London CC.

R v I – conspiracy – armed robbery 4 week retrial.


Michael has been instructed in a number of fraud cases including being led in a 10 week ‘boiler room’ trial at Southwark Crown Court. He recently successfully defended a doctor accused of multiple frauds in a 5 week trial at Guildford Crown Court. He cut his teeth working for the late Ralph Haeems on VAT carousel frauds.


Michael has represented many defendants charged with the full range of drug offences, including production, importation and conspiracy to supply.


Michael has been involved in a number of firearms cases. Recently he represented a man who imported two firearms from America. He made a successful dismissal argument in respect of all counts on the indictment.

Professional Associations

Criminal Bar Association
Duty Accredited