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Tim Banks secures Court-Martial acquittal

By January 19, 2017No Comments

Tim Banks secures Court-Martial acquittal, preserving his exemplary record as a defence  advocate.

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P, a member of the military was accused of sexual assault against a female soldier. The case is the ninth defence trial Tim has conducted in a Court Martial Centre; this matter having taken place in Colchester. Tim has enjoyed significant success in representing service personnel, having never lost a case to date.

The complainant, a married man attended the complainant’s home by prior arrangement. Although, text messages indicated otherwise, the complainant contested P’s account that he attended on the premise that there would be sexual activity and alleged that he had sexually assaulted her. This was a sensitive case factually due to the complainant’s range of psychological disorders, including: depression, anxiety and chronic eating disorder.

Tim was instructed by Mary Kyriakou of Martin Murray & Ass Solicitors