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Claire Mawer co-authors the Youth Justice’s Legal Centre’s ‘Turning 18’ guide

By July 5, 2020No Comments

Claire Mawer has recently been commissioned to co-author the Youth Justice’s Legal Centre’s ‘Turning 18’ guide.

The guide provides an overview of the policies, procedures and rules applicable to dealing with defendants who turn 18 at various junctures in the criminal justice system.

The guide also deals with the sentencing principles applicable to ‘young adult’ offenders, i.e. those who offend between the ages of 18 – 25. We address the leading decision of the CACD in Clarke the Sentencing Council’s newly expanded guidance for the sentencing of young adult defendants and distill – in a (hopefully) accessible format – key decisions of the CACD considering Clarke

The guide was launched in a webinar last week, with speakers including Dr Laura Janes (legal director of the Howard League for Penal Reform) and David Emanuel QC, with whom I have written a comprehensive analysis of the principles applicable to the sentencing of young adults. You can view the guide here.