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John Waller secures acquittal in serious knife point robbery trial

By July 23, 2019No Comments

John Waller secured the unanimous acquittal for his client in a serious knife point robbery trial. The client was said to be one of three who robbed the victim of money while a knife was held to his throat. The victim was then stabbed twice in the arm. The entire robbery was captured on clear CCTV.

The Crown advanced that the clients role was to lure the victim down an alley where the other two defendants lay in wait. The Crown relied on the CCTV which they say showed the defendant removing property from the victim. The client advanced that the victim was his dealer and had no idea that the other two were going to rob him – this was despite the CCTV showing some interaction between the three of them prior to the robbery. The client said that he was ‘fist bumping’ his dealer in sympathy for his predicament. John was able to persuade the jury that there was significant doubt in this case through a strong closing speech. The jury unanimously agreed and returned a not guilty verdict in less than an hour. If convicted the client was looking at a significant custodial sentence.

John was instructed by MMA Solicitors.