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Rapist who videoed victim is successfully prosecuted by Helen McCormack

By February 11, 2014No Comments

Helen McCormack recently successfully prosecuted a man who followed a woman into her home in Stratford, East London and there subjected her to a terrifying ordeal in which she was raped and subjected to other sexual indignities. His victim initially fought back bravely, including biting her assailant’s hand, but was overpowered by the defendant who  filmed her on his mobile phone  requiring her to say that she had ‘enjoyed’ her ordeal.

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The defendant contested the trial, but was found guilty by the jury. In sentencing the defendant, the Judge concluded that the defendant’s mental state was such that he posed a risk of serious harm to the public and that there was a risk of a repetition of this type of offence. The Judge imposed a hospital order whereby the defendant will be detained at Broadmoor Special Hospital. He also imposed a restriction order without limit of time which means that the offender can only be released with the consent of the Secretary of State.

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