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Neil Ross secures unanimous acquittal of client accused of manslaughter

By August 27, 2020No Comments

In a rearranged courtroom, Neil has completed one of the first trials in Wolverhampton in a case of manslaughter. The jurors had to sit where barristers usually sat, barrister sat where the jurors usually sat, and the public were video linked in from a different courtroom. Neil commends the new layout and hopes it will continue, not least because of the revelation that jurors normally get far comfier chairs than the barristers.

It was alleged that the defendant had angrily struck out following an argument over a woman before fleeing the scene. Sadly, the person he struck fell to the ground and died. Neil was able to show this was a case of self defence where the defendant had to punch first in anticipation of being attacked.

A report of the case can be found here

Neil was instructed by Tahir and Yusuf at Abrahams Law